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I guess I am now the senior priesthood holder in our family. As the family patriarch I feel a great responsibility to help our family members have a way to use the Internet without being exposed to all the worldly things that are there. The Internet is just like TV. It has a lot of good and a lot of bad. As parents I would offer to you this guide to help you have a safe place for your children to learn. The Internet can be like having the Library of Congress right in your front room if it is used correctly. On the other hand it can be much worse than TV if mis-used because it is completely uncensored. Pornography is everywhere. If you just let your children use the Internet unsupervised, it would be like putting them unassisted in the streets of a large city with no "street smarts". It would not take much for them to get hurt.

So I offer this web page to you as a member of our family to help you make wise choices in what your children see and do on the Internet. These are family and children 's web sights that I have found that I would recommend to you. I will be constantly adding to it as I find new ones, so that is why I decided to just make it a separate page.

I have also added this "LAST UPDATED" date, so you can tell if it has changed since you checked it last.

NOTE: Because web pages come and go so fast, some of these links may not work any more. If you find one that does not work please email me so I can remove it.
Send suggestions or other links you know about to:

CREATED: 24 Jun 1997
LAST UPDATED 04 May 2006

Educational Pages K-12

Educational Resources


(do you know of any others?)

Netnanny (pornography filtering software)
SafeSurf (pornography filtering software)
SurfWatch from Spyglass(pornography filtering software)

Childrens Web Pages

Yahooligans For Kids**** Cv recommended
The Kids on the Web
Kids' Space
The Electronic Zoo (childrens web page)**** Cv Recommended
Crayola Crayons Home Page For Kids
Disney Home Page for Kids
McDonalds Home Page for Kids
Mr. Rogers World
Toys R Us Home Page For Kids

Family Magazines on the Internet

Have Children Will Travel (magazine)

Educational Games

(none found yet and I dont want computer games here unless they are educational)

Home School

Family Education Network

Parental Advice

Family Education Network
Family Education Network (/index.asp)
Family Travel Forum (FTF)
KidSource OnLine Welcome Page

Single Parent Issues

(none still exist that I used to have here)

Teen Age Issues

(none still exist that I used to have here)

Wilderness Quest (troubled teen help)

Financial Information

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. -- SchwabNOW!
CognoConnect.htm (Investment Links)
Five Model Strategies (from Strong Mutual Funds)
Founders Funds
Investors Edge
MONEY Marketwatch (major Indesex graphed)
Money Tip of the Day (by bank of america)
New York Stock Excahnge
Portfolio Tracker*IrwoA/cgi-bin/Money/osform/ptrack
Quick & Reilly, Inc. - Quotes, News, Investment Research and More
Security APL Quote Server
StockMaster: Intel Corp (INTC)
WSJ: Money and Investing Update

Get the news with out watching TV

Deseret News
Salt Lake Tribune
The Seattle Times
Washington Post
Yahoo- Newspapers
Business Wire 1997 (hourly news updates)
cnet computer magagizines (I'm a member now)
Electronic Newsstand Homepage
Living Daily News (updated every day at 9 a.m.)
NEWS.COM (c|net)
Pathfinder Latest News: Top News
PointCast, Inc - Front Door. (screen saver that displays current news every day)

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