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All the books we have published so far

In Harms Way: Divine Intervention On The Battle Field
The stories of how the prompting's of the spirit saved my life and the lives of all my men many times as I served as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Vietnam. Also the missionary experiences I had while serving in the military.
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You Can't Fool The Chickens
The life's lesson I learned from my son about how you can fool your friends but you can not fool God in the life you live.
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Water That Got To The End Of The Row
The stories of how our family has converted hundreds of people and how you can too, especially wayward children.
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Understanding Patriarchal Priesthood
Well here it is. The first copy of my book Understanding Patriarchal Priesthood. I have been working on this paper since 1991. It is not done. This is still just a rough draft ...... be patient some day I may actually have it done. But for now here is at least what I have in PDF format so you can sure open it. My notes on this subject are eleven three ring binders, so this is just a summary of all my notes put into the form of a book. I have given a 2 hour fireside on this subject over 200 times so there is a lot of input from the people I have taught as well as my own work here.
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Home Work
A book I am writing on jobs you can do from your home
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Goal Achieving
This is the work book for my all day seminar on goal achieving
My Turn To Win: The Secret Of Excellence 17th Revision (copyrighted version)

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