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This is an index to all the chart handouts I have put in the page so far. 

Testimony Comparison Charts

Plan Of Salvation Charts

LDS Culture Comparison Charts

Satan's Power To Tempt
A hand out showing how we are shielded from Satan's power until we are ready.

Draw Bridge Chart
The Spirit Paradise and Prison are separated by a draw bridge of Baptism in the next life

Eternal Goal Setting
We have lots of spiritual goals the first 30 years of our life like missions, temple marriage,
education, kids. What are our spiritual goals the last 60 years of our lives?

There are 3 levels of service or giving of assistance.. Selfish (demand it),
Prideful (don't allow it) and Humble (gracious receiving as well as giving)

Light Of Christ - Holy Ghost
What is the relationship between the Light of Christ and Holy Ghost in our lives?

The origin of the scriptures as related to the 12 tribes of Israel (Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon).  

Degrees of sin
People seldom fall by a blow our but rather a series of little slow leaks.

12 Keys
Ezra Taft Benson's 12 keys to combat discouragement, depression and despair.

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