JUDGMENTS: Actually there are several judgments. We were in a sense judged before we came to this earth. It was decided if we would go with Satan or Christ. That was a judgment with eternal consequences. I dont know how it was decided who would be born in the church and who would be born as pygmies in New Ginney but someone decided that and that was sort of a judgment too (some general authorities have said it was decided by our faithfulness in the pre-existence but that is their personal opinion not doctrine). When we die we either go to the Spirit Paradise or Prison. That is a judgment based on how we lived in this life and if we were baptized. You can not go to the Paradise if you are not baptized. So that should give us some incentive to do our temple work so our righteous ancestors dont have to keep waiting in the spirit prison until their temple work is done.

Those who were never baptize into Christ's church ALL go to the spirit prison no matter how righteous they were here on earth (even Mother Tereessa).

Those who were baptized but did not keep the commandments will also go to the prison. That is a judgment that had great effect on our ability to go on learning in the pre-ressurection post mortal life. And then of course there is the final Judgment which decides which kingdom we will live in for eternity and if we lived worthy of it (determined by that judgment) we will be ressurected with a Celestial body and be allowed to go live in the same kingdom as Christ and Elohem and have children in the eternities. If we are ressurected with any other type body we will be eternally single with no further postarity.

That is Satan's greatest punishment. Not just not having a physical body in this life, but not being allowed to have a postarity in the next life. There will never be any more little "SATANS"!.




Last updated 14 Jan 2007