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Billy Graham's wife, Ruth Bell Graham, has well said:

"If God doesn't judge America for her immorality, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah."

I have been wanting for a long time to see if I could find a consistent teaching of the doctrine of being "SAVED" or "BORN AGAIN" among Christian Churches.

When we lived in North Carolina a minister came to my door and asked me if I was saved. I ask him how to do it. He said, "Confess Jesus and you will be saved". So I bore my testimony of Jesus Christ to him and told him I was sure that I knew more surely than him that Jesus was the Christ. He asked me if I truly meant it. It told him I had a witness of Jesus Christ in my soul like fire. So he then declared me to be saved. I then asked him what would happen if I committed adultery tomorrow. He said I would still be saved and go to heaven. I asked him what would happen if I robbed a bank and killed someone doing it. He said, (his exact words), "No matter brother, you are saved now and you will go to heaven no matter what you do." I then asked him the $64,000 question. I asked him what would happen to me if I was a member of the Mormon Church. He looked at me with a startled and glaring look of anger. Then he asked me, "Are you a Mormon?". I told him I was. Then he said,"If you are a Mormon you will go to hell. You can not be saved if you are a Mormon!"

That has always amazed me. I simply confessed Jesus and that was enough. I was saved and would go to heaven even if I committed murder. But to be a member a Christian Church that teaches me to not smoke, drink, or swear; to be absolutely faithful to my wife and make my family the most important thing in my life; to give 10% of all I earn to help build up Christ's kingdom here on the earth; to strive with all my heart to be honest in all my dealings; to keep the Sabbath Day holy as best I could and live all the commandments as much is mortally possible... AND I AM GOING TO HELL FOR IT????

Well that made me very curious about being "SAVED" or "BORN AGAIN" and what the consistent teaching of the churches was. So I have for a long time wanted to ask maybe as many as 100 people of all different religions what they felt the true teaching on "BEING SAVED" was according to their interpretation of the Bible. I have never had time to do it until now. But at least here is a start. I have written to several ministers and also posted on many bulletin boards. Here are some of the replies I have received back:

This is a letter we sent to several Christian Ministers on being "SAVED"
(Not all of the letters sent were the exact same words
but each one contained these same type questions.)

The Position of the LDS Church by Apostle Dalan H. Oaks

Reply by my friend John Barr

Reply by a wonderful "on fire" 16 year old

Reply by John (no last name given)

Reply by someone using the E-mail name injun

Reply by Bob Walden

Reply by Sandy (no last name given)

Reply by Ethan Metsger

Reply by Mickey Chandler

Reply by Gavin Robertson

Reply by Scott

Reply by Melissa Sleeker

Reply by Bill Lawson

Reply by Jyri Larm

If you would like to add your belief on being "SAVED" to this page I welcome your response. I may warn you however that I will not publish any letters that are BASHING any other church (and I have received several). I will not publish anything that is debasing or not consistent with the spirit and teachings of the Bible (as you believe them).


Part 2 of my series on being saved is addressed to the question of those who die with out hearing the word of God. The Catholic Church teaches that they will go to Purgatory. I have had many Christian Ministers tell me that they thought that if a person was born, say in the jungle of Brazil and never saw a civilized person in their entire life and knew nothing of God or Christ as we know of them, that they would go to Hell after death because they were never saved. I simply do not understand that when Christ himself went and preached to the spirits in prison who were dead after his resurrection(see 1 Peter 3:18;1 Peter 4:6). What gospel were they preaching to the dead then? Why would a just God send someone to Hell to be damned for being born in a place they had no control over, and for not accepting a message that was never preached to them?

If you would like to give me your opinion on this subject, I would be glad to include it according to the same rules of appropriateness as above stated.

Reply by Melissa Sleeker

Reply by Bill Lawson

Thanks to all of you for your contributions.

NOTE: I will from here on assume that anyone who sends me a reply is giving me permission to also post that reply. Before I have written back to each person asking if I could post the reply. I will just post any appropriate replies that I receive from here on.

Cordell Vail
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