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Here are the handouts we have had time to enter in so far (newest ones are at the top so you don't have to go hunting for them):

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have long studied the purpose of life. I have finally come to a conclusion as to what the "TRUE PURPOSE OF LIFE" is. It is not provoing to God that we can be good by living the commandments. It is not seeking a salvation we EARN. I have learned that Salvation comes as a jouirney that we learn not a destination we arrive at. This is a handout I made with the references for that concept.
Developing a DISPOSITON to do good!

There seems to be a movement within the church by some members to press the General Authorities to make policy changes regarding Gay members of the church. As a part of that movement questions have been asked as to why Gay people could not be married in the temple. Here is an article I wrote that poses some questions about that issue.
Questions for LDS-LGBT members

There are many members of the LDS church who have decided to leave the church. Reasons are sometimes differences of opinion with local leaders, difference of opinion on doctrinal or policy issues with the church, being offended by someone, or many other personal reasons. I wrote a little list of questions for someone making that decision to read that will hopefully cause them to see that might not be a wise decision.
What is the alternative

Here is a handout we made to illustrate Satan's power to tempt us 
Click here to see handout

If you think you can just confess Jesus and be saved and not need to live the commandments anymore,
you might want to read these 49 pages of scriptures I have compiled for you:
Click here for the PDF file
(NOTE: I would like to hear back from you if you have a different view of these scriptures.)

Can I give my tithing or fast offerings to charity instead of the church?
Click here to read my research on that subject.

The real Goliath in King David's life! 
Click here to see who the "REAL" Goliath was in his life!

Learning to understand and love reading Isaiah especially in the Book of Mormon
Understanding Isaiah - Expanded Version of Sunday School Handout

Do you have a free pass to heaven if you are saved?

Understanding the relationship between God and Christ.
God and Christ

We too must have an "ATONEMENT" like experience
in each of our lives to refine us and perfect us.
What is our part in the Atonement

Satan wanted to take away our free agency so there would be no sin.
Then he would not be required to go to the Garden of Gethsemane to offer
himself as a sacrifice for our sins. He was not willing to pay that price.
Understanding the relationship between the Atonement and Free Agency

Many people have asked where the Book of Mormon history fits into the Bible history.
Here is a chronology chart from Adam to the Fall of Rome that shows the Book Of Mormon history too.
For best viewing, save this .PDS file to your computer then close this web version of the file.
Now use ADOBE READER to open the .PDF file you saved on your computer.
Go to VIEW, use ZOOM to change it to 200% then go to VIEW
again and rotate the image Counter Clock Wise and it will be quite readable.
Bible and Book of Mormon chronology.

Several people have asked me for my chart that I created that traces
the Pope from today all the way back to Peter. So here it is. Enjoy!
Tracing the Pope from today all the way back to Peter

Being Born Again and the Consequences of Sin
The Consequences of Sin

The True Nature Of The Godhead As Found In The King James Bible
LDS -TRITHEISM Godhead Compared To Trilogy - New Updated version 2

The Trilogy Doctrine As Seen By Mormons
This is the best I have ever read. It is by my friend Edward Hess

Who is this Christ in the Bible?
Many people say Mormons are not Christians. Here is what I believe.

Who is the God of the Bible?
My research on the nature of God from the Bible.

Questions on being saved from the book of ACTS in the Bible.
Here are the questions I would ask you about being saved if we studied the book of ACTS together. 
Ten Keys To Reactivation
A handout I gave out at the Federal Way WA Stake Leadership Meeting 15 May 1999

Fasting & Fast Offerings Handout
This is a handout I use for teaching classes and giving firesides about Fasting.
It has a few of the best quotes from my 100 + page research paper on Fasting and Fast Offerings


A series of letters from Christians to help me understand what it means to be
"SAVED" or "BORN" again. In particular with reference to still being able to sin and go to heaven if you are "SAVED".

Why Our Family Does Missionary Work
Some of our most favorite scriptures!

The things I have learned about it.

Definition of the word STEWARDSHIP as we use it in the Church.
A handout used in Federal Way 11th Deaf Branch Gospel Doctrine class

Moral Standards
Do you have personal convictions or someone else's restrictions?
The Deaf News thought for the month of August 1997 by Cordell Vail

4 Kinds of People
I have found that there are basically four kinds of people in the church. 4 Keys
Four Keys to help you discern false revelations

10 Steps

The Ten Steps that Normally Lead To Adultery

WHY do we often say we won't
yet later, in a heat of passion, we do????

This is my first handout on "How to Overcome Bad Habits" Ordained a Seventy
A letter to my son David about the feelings that come from
the different offices of the priesthood as you are ordained.
American Morality
My commentary on the morality of American.
My interpretation of 1 Cor 11:1-15
"Why A Woman Prays With Her HEAD(face) Covered"
My interpretation of D&C 58:42-43
When we repent what does it mean to "FORSAKE" the sin?
Something to think about next time you are being tempted to do something wrong!

Fully Functioning Ward Mission Program
This is what we did to organize the missionary work in our ward

Satan's Power of Deception
A dream I had once about how Satan tries to make things that are not real look, seem and even feel real.

The scriptures are filled with promises that say IF you just do this.... THEN you will be blessed with....
Wow! That was such a wonderful discovery for me. Here are some scriptures with either IF... THEN... or WHATSOEVER promises.

Sunday Sermons
A weekly spiritual message sent to our family
Read the Sermons

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