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Also translated into Finnish:
Minun Vuoroni Voittaa Erinomaisuuden Salaisuudet

Photographs of my visits to Finland

As a Mormon Missionary 1963-65

Business trip to Russia in 1985 stopping in Helsinki for 2 days

Visit to the new Helsinki Finland LDS Temple and travel for 2 weeks Oct 2006

My Advice if you are going on a similar trip:

1. Make sure you have a money belt to keep your passport, money and credit cards on your person. Mine had an elastic clip on waist band so I was able to wear mine under my shirt so it was easy to access. I paid $15 for it and it proved to be invaluable security wise. I also pinned the strap to my clothes and sure enough one day the buckle came undone but because of the safety pin on the strap it did not fall off. If I had not done that I would have lost it. But the safety pin kept it attached to my clothes.

2. Before you go, write down your passport number, and the credit card numbers for all the credit cards you have with you in your money belt pouch. You may even want to make a photo copy of your drivers licence if you have it in your money belt pouch. Then put it in some other part of your luggage so if you some way lose your money belt pouch you will know the credit cards you had with you so you can cancel them and you will know your passport number so you can go to the Embassy and get it replaced. Luckily I did not need to do that, but when the buckle on my pouch came undone if I had not had that safety pin on the strap, I would have needed that information.

3. If you are planning to walk around to see things, and if you are in good enough physical condition to do so, buy a small scooter. You will be able to see 10 times as much. They fold up and fit into a back pack so you can take it with you much easier than a bike. You can buy the 2 wheel or the 3 wheel version. The 3 wheel is a lot safer to ride. (Be sure to wear a helmet if you do ride one). Most places you can also rent a bike.

4. If you are going on a bus or boat tour you may want to consider taking a regular camera with you, in addition to your digital camera. I missed a lot of shots because by the time the digital camera, came back on and was ready to shoot, what I wanted a picture of was long gone.

5. If you are going to take very many pictures you may want to keep a little book and number them, so you can write down what the picture was of or who is in it. After almost 400 pictures, there are several I don't remember now why I took the picture.

6. Do a lot of walking before you go so you are in good enough shape. Just walking to and from taxies, hotels, trains and busses is likely more walking in one day than you do at home in a week. If you also do any walking tours, you will need to be in condition to do it.

7. Wear good shoes. No matter how you travel you are going to be doing a lot of walking. It is no fun to be on vacation with blistered feet.

8. If you are going where it is cold take layers of clothing and a back pack. That was so valuable to me. When it was too warm I took a coat off and put it in my back pack. When it got cold again I could put it back on. Many times I had a sweater and light coat and my heavy coat on. A few times I just had my sweater. Back pack held it all.

9. Don't drink the local water (even in the USA). Our bodies often need time to adjust to the local water and it can make your trip miserable while doing so. I have found when I travel that bottled water seems to not have the same effect on my body as drinking local water. Can buy it most everywhere.

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