Eugene Cordell Vail
Helsinki, Finland Temple Dedication Trip
Day 11 - 27-28 Oct 2006
Flight home (Stopping in Holland)

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I am not going to be able to put many captions here because I don't remember much of what the tour guides told us
Should have numbered the pictures and wrote it down. Also a lot of pictures were of nothing because by the time
the digital camera came on, warmed up and sensed what it was to take a picture of that WHAT EVER IT WAS, was long gone

The airport is like nothing I have ever seen before. It has a huge mall inside it. Stores everywhere of every kind. And at an
airport that is way out of town.???? Strange.

The streets and buildings are just like you see in the movies. Except you are in the movie.....

Michael and Leah helped me get this really nice hotel. I have never stayed in a hotel where they gave you a bath robe and slippers.
Not even in the $700 a night Ceases Palace in Las Vegas. I felt like a King.

So while I was feeling like a King I ordered room service. In all the years I have stayed in hotels all over the world
I have never done that before. Found out later it cost the same as going down stairs. But it was fun to be waited on any way.

In Finland and here in Holland every bathroom has this dumb rail across the door of the bathroom. I guess to keep water
from flooding out onto the carpet. I about killed my foot every time I went in and out because I never could remember
it was there. Don't want one of those in my house.

Oh no...... They don't have one of those water thinggeys like in Finland.... ha ha ha
But I got such a laugh out of this bath room. Dutch people are very very eco conscious.
So they have a button on the wall to flush the toilet.
One button (on the left) for a BIG flush and a button (on the right) for a LITTLE Flush.
That is sooo funny. But I guess it does save water after all is said and done...

Now I thought cars were little in Finland. Here is a roller skate with a windshield. And I saw one even littler than this,
but that was one where by the time the camera came on it was gone.

Just like being back in Seattle. Pay your 50 cents an you are in the WC. At least they are not clear glass like France.

Probably one of the smartest things I did was to buy this money pouch that I wore under my shirt. It had my passport and all
my money and credit cards id it every where I went. That way I did not have to worry about laying my wallet down or someone
pick pocketing me. Great investment if you are going abroad. Now if I would have followed through and bought that
collapsible scooter I would have been all set. Could have seen 10 times as much if I had brought a scooter. Next time

My first night in Amsterdam was on the fist floor and I did not sleep all night. Ummm wonder why when it was Grand
Central Station outside my window all night. Moved the next night to the 6th floor. Slept like a baby then.

Just as you have heard, there are canals every where and they are very beautiful.
No no no... I don't mean one canal. There is one like this about every 4 blocks all over the city.

Very easy to get around Amsterdam on the trolleys.

They said on the tour that every person in Amsterdam has at least 2 bikes (some more). But the only ride the old one
down town to work every day. They said if they rode a new bike and parked it here it would immediately be stolen. I asked
a bike shop lady where all the old bikes came from. She said they just never throw one away. They keep fixing them up
because no one steals them. There are literally 1000's of bikes in Amsterdam. They are everywhere. Way more than
Finland. Finland used to be like that but not any more.

I could not find one young person anywhere with died hair, ear rings, tattoos, or body piercing. It thought Amsterdam
was the sin capitol of the world and their youth look like Mormon Missionaries. Most with clean cut hair. Never saw a
beard. Women were very modestly dressed. I was really impressed. Helsinki could surely learn a few things from Amsterdam.

Well did you think there wouldn't be one????

It was so fun to go down these little side streets and see all the shops in them.

The only thing illegal in Amsterdam is theft and murder. Stores every where sell drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

Lots and lots of eating places in Amsterdam. About 1/2 of the places were places to eat.

People were so modestly dressed. I was so impressed. When there was such horrible things in the stores yet the people
seem to just ignore it.

I have dreamed of having a pair of wooden shoes since I was in grade school. Well there they are. But they were $50 and they
were very uncomfortable. So I passed. Just bought a little miniature pair to remind me I almost did.

Ok now we are right up town America. Kentucky fried Chicken. Just like being home.

Even families ride bikes there. Saw them together as families right in rush hour traffic all day long.

Big fair right in down town.

Here are some Amsterdam kids. See what I mean about clean cut looking?

It was so cool to actually see people sweeping the street with these 1700's stick brooms. And yes they really do
sweep the streets just like in the movies.

I could not resist. I had a REAL ENGLISH BREAKFAST. Beans and all. Now just look at that plate.
Toast, eggs, french fries, ham, sausage and beans. Only in Europe.

I then went on a bus tour and just took pictures of the town. Lots of these building are historic but I don't
remember now which are which. One building was built in 1590. I was so amazed that it could still be there.
Lots built in the 1600 and 1700's. Very old town. These tour boats went up and down the canals. They don't seem to
use the canals for much else now. Originally in the 1500's and 1600's they were used to move goods around town.

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