Eugene Cordell Vail
Helsinki, Finland Temple Dedication Trip
Day 12 - 27-28 Oct 2006 (cont)
Flight home (Stopping in Holland)

These are just pictures on the bus tour. Lots of famous places went past like the Ann Frank house but it was impossible to
denote in the camera which is which. So these are just pictures of Amstermdam ....

I think this was the Rembrandt museum. Van Goth went past too some where...

The water in the canals is fresh water because the dykes hold out the sea water. It only runs out. Not back in.

One only 7 windmills left in Amsterdam.

Over 5000 people live in the canals in these boat houses.
They have running water and gas and electricity. He said they just run the sewer into the canal ???? YIKES.
Amsterdam will not allow any more and when these are gone they well now allow any more or any new ones in the future.

Our bus driver. He gave the tour in 4 languages. German, Dutch, French then English. Very distracting to have to wait for
the English to come along. By then what he was talking about was long past most of the time.

We stopped at a diamond factory. This woman is actually cutting the faces on a real diamond.
The ones they showed us were worth $40,000. They were really beautiful. Had 105 faces on it.
Only 2 or 3 people in their factory are skilled enough to make that many cuts on a diamond.

Then I went on a boat tour on the canals. It was much better than the bus tour but still in 4 languages.

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