Eugene Cordell Vail
Helsinki, Finland Temple Dedication Trip
Day 6 - 22 Oct 2006

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When I was in Hyvinkää 43 years ago I had a very good friend there. I was so thrilled that I actually found him again and
we had a wonderful lunch together. We had the waitress take our picture. One of the few times I was
able to keep my eyes open with the flash going off. It was really fun to see him again and talk with him about olden days.

This is where we ate so I wont forget and can go there again next time. It is a Spanish (spain not Mexico) restaurant.
It is right across the street from the main train station. Best food I have had for a long time. And it was only $25 for the
most expensive meal they had. Need to move this place to Las Vegas .... Make a mint ... It is called Crsa Largo.

Food seems to be about the same price there as here. This is lunch meat type things. BUT NOTICE THE DARKER COLOR MEAT ....
I just had to take a picture of it. Hevonen is "HORSE". at it is only $29 a pound. What a deal. I wish I had bought a
little piece to taste it. I did eat a horse meat sandwich when I was there in 1964. It tasted about like a horse smells ...
well it is from a horse you know ....

These big food stores just are so amazing to me when back when I was there before there were not big stores at all.

One of the really unique things I saw in the stores there was how you buy vegetables. Every bin has
a number. So you put what you want in the plastic bag and come to this scale then punch the bin number
and it prints a price for you for that item. I didn't know that the first time. Got to the checkout and
of course she had no idea what that price was and they don't have a scale there to weigh it.
I guess we buy things that way sort of here. We put a number on the bag or it has a sticker on the apple with a number,
and then at the check stand they look at the number on the tag and then weigh it.
I just thought this was a pretty neat system the Finns use, once you learn to use it.

Did you know you CAN NOT BUY A DOZEN EGGS IN FINLAND. I am not kidding. There is no store any where in Finland
that will sell you a dozen eggs. WHY? Because they use the metric system. Count the eggs. 10's not 12's....
5 eggs in each row not 6. Now you know why you can't buy a dozen eggs.
This woman in the picture is so typical Finnish. It was so fun to see these women dressed like this out in the little
towns away from Helsinki. That is what Finland is to me... NOT AMERICAN LOOKING DRESS EVERY WHERE.......

You would not want to be more than one minute from a McDonalds now would you? I mean you might have a Big Mac attack
and not be able to take care of it. So there you go. A McDonalds 1 minute away in either direction just in case
you do have an attack and get confused as to which way to go in the mind melt down with out the Big Mac...
These two "1 minute to McDonalds" signs were down in the subway station.

Wow this store did not lock the baskets up. But they still had those silly pivoting wheels on the front and back.

Maybe they make you buy the bags some places here in the USA too but I have not seen it.
In Finland, every where I went, you always bag your own groceries. If you want
a bag you have to pay 20 cents to $1.70 for it. What ever happened to the "would you like paper or plastic" thing????
We are pretty spoiled here in the U.S.A.

Again you may have seen this in the USA but I have not. Lots of people have insulated jackets for their dogs. They lived
outside in the cold for 4000 years but now they need clothing???? Well someone has to make a living you know....

I love finding souvenir shops. They have every thing Finnish except Reindeer meat. Now that took some searching to find.

I walked around in the rain so much I just got so I felt like a wet rat.... but I loved stopping people and
asking them if they would take my picture. Then they asked how I knew Finnish and then I said.... well you know
"THE REST OF THE STORY" as Paul Harvey likes to say... Notice my American Flag on my camera case. I am not sure
if that helped or made it harder to talk to people. Most Finns are very very against the Iraq war.

I tried to take lots of pictures of people getting off the trains so I could remember what Finnish people look like
now days but it was so dark and rainy most of the time that the pictures really don't show much.

This little fruit stand is right in the middle of the train station in Helsinki

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally found a restaurant that sells normal old fashioned Finnish food including
riisi puro and other breakfast foods. The only one I found in Finland in 2 weeks. And it is right in the train station.

Under the main part of Helsinki there is a whole different city of tunnels filled with stores. It is like a huge underground mall.
Guess when it is 40 below that makes going between stores a lot nicer. The second part of the writing is not English. It is Swedish.
But often the Swedish is so much like English you can figure it out. I did that a lot when I did not know the words in Finnish.
I would try to read the Swedish and usually you could figure it out. Stationstunneln is pretty much like Station's Tunnel wouldn't you say?
Now Asemantunneli is not quite so easy in Finnish.

It goes for about 5 blocks in every direction. Stores and stores and stores and also the METRO entrance is down there too.
That is also new from 40 years ago. No subway back then. Just trains and buses.

Maybe it is just me but I think a woman with beautiful flaxen hair is so much more attractive than a "MOVIE STAR" look...
Again these are just advertisement pictures because I did want to embarrass people taking their pictures close up...

Whew found another McDonalds. That was almost 100 yards since the last one.... She got mad at me for taking this picture
Said you are not allowed to take pictures of McDonalds in Finland. I pretended to not understand Finnish... ha ha ha... Well
any way .. if it is illegal there are so many of them who could prove which one this is.... now tell me that!!! so I kept the
picture. She kept saying "Delete it, Delete it". I just smiled and said in English, "sorry" and left. So now you have access
to an illegal picture of those secrete BIG TASTIES in the McDonalds in Finland. Hurry and tell your friends. You might be famous now.

WAHOOOOOO I found a Finnish Flag flying. In the rain tool....

Actually I found out they only fly the flag on Holidays and I guess Monday was a Holiday.
I love seeing the Finnish flag flying every where. It is a very beautiful flag. Even in the rain.

Woops... there is another one of those illegal pictures I snuck in.... I'M LOVIN' IT TOO... Taking the pictures I mean...
2 Euros would be about $2.50. When I was there you got 80 cents back for a Euro if you cashed it in.
So if you add 20% to the prices you will know what they are costing you in US Dollars.

Wow I finally found Finnish hats. They are a little hard to see in this picture. They are like Russian Bolshevik hats
Every one used to wear them. Now no none does. Not even out in the small towns away from Helsinki. But here they are.
I would have bought one but they were about $50. Not worth it to look that silly in the USA....
Besides, if it is not seal skin I don't want to bother with it.(By the way...the price on the sign was for socks in the bin not the hats).

Here I am back at the 3 Smiths statue. I wanted to get a picture of the bullet holes in the statue. I don't know what
war that happened in. But this is exactly what I was looking at when I heard that President Kennedy had been shot.
Me standing there in 1964 seeing the bullet holes in this statue and hearing
that President Kennedy Being shot....sort of funny I guess....
So I wanted a picture so I could remember the place.

More glass. It is every where. These birds cost about $200 or more each. They are about as big as a Robin. Small pieces were $50.
I finally found a really pretty piece or two to bring home that were $25 each. YIKES!!!!!!!

$50 to $250 each.... careful with that big back pack you are swinging around behind you Cordell....
could cost a pretty penny (or Euro) if you knock stuff off.
The little blue ones on the next table at the right was one of the $25 I found.

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