Eugene Cordell Vail
Helsinki, Finland Temple Dedication Trip
Day 9 - 25 Oct 2006

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More houses for sale. This was inside so I could get up closer so you could see the price.
Remember these prices are Euros' so you have to add about 20% for US$.

This one was really cheap. 140,000 Euros(That is about $160,000).

And this one for 160,000 EUROS (+20% would be about $190,000).

More pictures of just people and daily life in Finland on a cloudy, rainy day in October.

Lots of fun going on inside the train stations. Most of them have small cafes in them now days.

There is not much you can't buy in these big stores now. Sort of like a department store.

Yes, even in Finland............... and check the price . 2 or 3 dollars. About the same as here.

Now here is the fad for you. Dog food in sausage packaging. It is surely cheaper than cans.

Most cars are quite small. Gas is about $7 a gallon so fuel economy is big there.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I finally found Reindeer meat. Sister Häkkinen helped me cook it. We fried it then baked it in the oven for
8 hours until it was dry. Then packed it in salt. YUM... most everyone at work tasted it when I got back home. It really is quite good. Has a very
distinct flavor just like duck or deer or heart or gizzard meat does. Each one is very different. Reindeer meat is very different
from anything else I have ever tasted but is really good tasting. Strong like wild meat but good. This was the package it came in.

The word for Reindeer is PORON in Finnish. The word for meat is LEHA. Some people at work would not taste it when I got home. Said they did not want
to be eating Rudolph.

This is what Sister Häkkinen and her husband looked like when I was there 43 years ago. Hannu was 8 years old then.

His is Hannu on the left.

This is Hannu and Riitta's wedding picture.

Ok ... here we go with more of that wonderful Finnish cooking. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

So back to the important stuff.... her cooking me real Finnish food. She is such a wonderful cook.

We talked and ate and
looked words up in the dictionary all night long.
It was really fun talking to her. She has had so many wonderful
experiences in her life I really learned a lot from her (more than just Finnish).

Then back to the books. She spent 2 or 3 hours a day with me helping me learn Finnish again.

This is Hannu Häkkinen with his mother the day he came to pick me up to take me back to his house (the last night).

Oh that black bread. It is soooooo good. And the ouhukisets pancakes and the soup and the casseroles and the... well it is
a miracle I did not gain 10 pounds instead of lose 5. But waking 50 or 60 miles in 2 weeks sort of leveled the weight loss
playing field.

All while I was there I wondered why there was not a HOME DEPOT type store with all the malls and huge grocery stores.
On the way to Hannu's house we stopped in to get some stuff at a store called "HONG KONG". He said the name was to
depict cheap prices. And there it was as big as life. Very large store. As big as the biggest Ace Hardware store in the U.S.A.

Home Depot in the making in Finland. Not as big but same kind of store. And
things really were cheap there.

Back at Hannu's house I had lots of fun playing with the kids and taking pictures of the house (my last night there)
This is Olivi.

Yup they have a dish washer.

No one ate pop corn back then. Hannu told Riitta I really like it so she made me some. Me an Olivi ate the whole thing.
I really appreciated her making it for me. Pop Corn is everywhere in Finland now.

These wall rugs (we call them hook rugs I think) were very popular back 43 years ago and you saw them
in stores every where. This time I did not see any except this on on Hannu's front room wall.
Some of them are 6 or 8 feet square haning on the wall.

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