(Scroll down to see an example of the brochure in color or black and white.)

This is a tri-fold brochure we have created for you to hand out to your family and friends. We have the brochure here in printable PDF format so most anyone can download the original to print it. If you can not open .PDF format go to the Adobe web page at ADOBE READER and you can download the viewer for free. They are not copyrighted by us. You are welcome to make any changes that you think will make the brochure more acceptable in your area.

Download printable copies

Click here to download the printable color .pdf file copy

Click here to download the printable Black and White .pdf file copy

Remember, Ammon did not promise us in Alma 26:22 that we could convert 10's or 100's but 1000's. So lets accept his prophetic promise and live up to our potential!

Here are examples of how the brochures look in color an black and white.

Color example:



Black and White example:



You are welcome to share this brochure with missionaries, ward mission leaders, friends or family.
We have also prepared this short handout (in English and Spanish) with some ideas that will help you learn how to use this brochure:
How to use this brochure in your ward
Some Suggested Ways To Give The Flyer Out (In English)
Algunas sugerencias para dar el folleto de salida (In Spanish)

(1) Download the two sided brochure master to your computer in .PDF.
Note: The PDF file is a very large file and may take a little time to download once you get the black download screen!
Some people have also told us that once it was done downloading (the little numbers in the bottom
corner of your screen stop incrementing), then they had to move the slide bar on the black download screen
(that is on the right side of the screen) down a little to get it to display once it is done downloading.
(2) Print the brochure two sided (you may want to try one first before you print a lot).
(3) Fold the brochure in thirds.
(4) Share the brochure with those you feel would like to know more about Jesus Christ and His restored church.

Our many thanks to Patty Rambo who donated her time to create the English version of the brochure for us.
Her contact information is:

NOTE: These brochures are not official publications of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. The original version was created by Bruce Nelson in the Bigfork Ward, Kalispell Montana Stake as a handout to help you have an easy way to present the principles of the gospel to others as a family missionary tool.

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