Lois Eggett Vail
My Testimony To The world

Cordell has invited all of his family to send you our testimony with his. I am his sister-in-law and have been prompted to share my testimony with you, too. I just re-read and agree with all Cordell bore witness of in his testimony! I also have a deep love of GOd and bear witness that His was is the only way we can gain His greatest blessing, which is eternal life. Our Savior gave up His life for us, and suffered because of our sins, every one of them, simply because of His love for all of us. And all we have to do is to keep his commandments, truly repent of all of our wickedness and wrongdoings, and come unto Him and do our best to serve Him and become a "new person" who is willing to serve Him by serving our fellow man (and woman and child).

I have had what you might all a "hard life" in a way. I have had 3 brain tumor operations, resulting in mental troubles after each, and a total of 15 or more times in the "behavior health" sections of the area hospitals. But the Lord has blessed me through it all. i have had priesthood blessings, many times, which have helped and blessed me so much. As a wise man in our church once said, "The Lord will never over program us or give us more than we can handle!" I know that is true, and have clung to that. I bear you witness that this is true. And He knows that this is utterly correct. As I said I have been given many priesthood blessings, and the Lord has helped me survive - not only survive, but come off conqueror. I truly believe in Him, and bear witness that He lives, and that the church as Joseph Smith restored it is true.

Lately, He has blessed me through many other trials. A couple of years ago I had a broken hip. Then Pneumonia almost took my life. Because the pneumonia was so bad I had to have a "G" tube placed in my side just below my stomach, where all of my food (substitute) and medication comes through that! I can't eat or drink anything, even water any longer, and because of that I will probably have to live in a rest home for the rest of my life. But God has blessed me to be able to bear this burden with happiness and even JOY! The rest home I'm in is 1st rate. It has 2 activities a day including 1 exercise to music day per week (not a lot, but many of us here can't even stop sleeping for that!) a wheel chair dance, movies, and morning crafts, etc.

In 1978, my second operation left me with a paralyses vocal chord, but never fear, modern technology, with the Lord's help, knows what to do! They just took the damaged chord, held it in place with a Teflon-type substance in the center of my throat and the good one hits against the bad one, and right before your eyes, a new voice emerges! Rather gravelly and very soft but until they did that, I could only whisper. It is unique, but is mine and I am so grateful for it. I have to take a breath after every few words and people with hearing problems can't understand me. And lately I have disconnected my telephone because my family can't even understand me long distance.

I bear witness that the BOok of Mormon was written by prophets long ago, who saw our day, and is verily true. If you will read it and pray to the Lord sincerely (not asking to have proof that it is false) I promise sincerely, in the name of Jesus Christ that He will answer you if you ask humbly and really want to know.

With Love,

Lois E. Vail
Sunshine Terrace
Logan, Utah

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