By Elder Timothy W. Nielsen

I know that God lives. He is real and He loves me. I am grateful for the knowledge that He has given me of His love. I know that Jesus Christ came to earth, suffered, bled, and died that I might know the happiness of being forgiven and so that I will live again after the fast sands of my mortal time run through.

I cannot understand how God could give His only son to this world, but I know He expects me to share my joy in knowing that He did, with others. I am blessed to read the scriptures and learn how the prophets of God have received their knowledge. I believe it is important to try to understand everything the Prophets has said because I know that God speaks to us through the servants He has called and does continue to choose. They speak to us individually and also collectively. We are privileged to be organized according to the simple pattern that God has given us.

Everything that the prophet on the earth today, President Gordon B. Hinckley, says and does tells me to come unto Christ by belonging to His true Church on earth. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter0day Saints is led by God. I know it and declare it in His name. Amen

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