By Elder Morrel Muller

In a sense, Jesus Christ is at the center of our world. He built it and everything in it. He guided, directed, taught, and helped all of mankind from Adam on out to now and will on into the future. He took on a mortal body to guide, direct, teach, and help in ways he couldn't before. He suffered in Gethsemane for all the sins that ever were and ever will be done by mankind. He symbolized that sacrificed on the cross. With his resurrection he built a bridge from here to eternity that all can follow from this life to beyond. Through revelation he continues to guide, direct, teach, and help each of us in the sphere of our responsibility.

The gospel is all that he has ever taught us. The church is us as imperfect people. We have been organized by him to carry out the task of helping each other to become perfect, using the principles of the gospel and his example.

I have found service to bring the greatest joy and the best of blessings. Joy is received only as you help others to receive joy, and blessings only as you bless others with your service. I see a mission as the opportunity to give service maximized, while the distractions of the world are minimized.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Morrel R Muller March 16, 1998

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