My testimony
to the World

By Nathan C. Vail

One of my co-workers told me that you have to live out side Utah in order to appreciate the truthfulness of the gospel because inside Utah you only see the church so you don't know any different. Naturally I could have told her about my time in North Carolina or in Hungary...but I didn't because what I know doesn't require comparison. If the decision about the truthfulness of the gospel was determined by logical conclusion then she would be right. It amazes me that even members don't understand that the truthfulness of the gospel is not a logical deduction from factual evidence. Years ago I knelt beside my bed and prayed as long as I have ever prayed because I wanted to know if the church was true, because dad and mom's testimony wasn't enough for the temptations at school. That night the Holy Ghost filled me like never before. What I felt was unquestionable and needs no comparison. Enormous as that feeling was, it was only the beginning of YEARS of feeling the impressions of the spirit that constantly manifest the truthfulness of the gospel. The Holy Ghost is revelation. When the Holy Ghost bears witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ and His gospel, no comparison is required and no proof need be presented. Never let anyone make you feel like they have criticized your testimony. You need not present evidence to anyone as to the validity of your testimony, if they want to know if you really know what salt tastes like, they must taste it themselves. What you receive from God through the Holy Ghost cannot be debated by man.

I know that Jesus Christ lived on the earth and died for my sins. I know that the gospel is simple. There are no complicated doctrines pertinent to the salvation of man. It is this simple, Jesus Christ is the Savior and He taught us and teaches us through the prophets every thing that we need to know in order to return to Him. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. There is only one Savior, He taught only one gospel, and thus there can be only one church. Happiness is found in the gospel!

Nathan C Vail

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