Eugene Cordell Vail
Helsinki, Finland Temple Dedication Trip
Day 4 - 20 Oct 2006

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This is the room where she let me stay and the bed I slept in every night. It was so comfortable

Every front door in these apartment houses has a double door. This is on the inside looking at the outside door. You an
see the inside door's door handle but it is exactly straight with the camera so it doesn't show very well. They have a double
door to stop the sound from the hall way.

This is the outside door looking in. This apartment house door looks exactly like they did 43 years ago. I rang the bell on
1000's of these doors back then. The people were always very polite even if they were not interested. Finnish people are a
very kind and considerate culture.

This is my dear friend Ingmar Lindberg. He is my same age and we were friends when I was in Finland. He is a wonderful
genealogist and if you need you Finnish ancestry looked up for you, just write to him and he will help you.
For more information go to his web page: Ingmar Lindberg

He and I spent 5 hours sitting in a little "BARIE" (cafe) in the busy bus station mall. All we bought was 2 glasses of orange juice.
This is the lady who owned the little cafe. Normally they don't let you sit in their chairs unless you buy food and then
only long enough to eat and leave. That way there are chairs for everyone. Because she was so kind to let Ingmar and I sit
there to talk for so long I gave her a $20 TIP. I guess that is why she has the big smile on her face. She was very kind to us.

On day 3 is a picture of the restaurant where I ate most of the time. Sorry.... to much work to go move that picture to here now.
Here is a typical Finnish meal. It is a salad with chicken strips. It was rather expensive (about $7) but it was good.

THis is the view out of that restaurant looking out over Helsinki. I sat there many an hour resting from all my walking.

Wouldn't you know it. Try to get a picture and some one steps in front of you. One of the things I found about travel is,
that a digital camera is not near as convenient as a standard camera. You have to turn it on. Wait for it to warm up. Then you
click the picture and it has to think about it before it takes the picture to adjust all the works inside..... (the new ones are better). But I missed many pictures because when I clicked it then, like in this picture, before it actually took the picture, the scene
changed or someone walked in front of me or the moving object I was trying to take a picture was out of the picture. Very frustrating.

But at least you can see what you took and do it again. With a conventional camera you don't know it is a bad picture
until you get home. It was raining most of the time I was there but not too cold. In the 50's. This is the big main train
station in Helsinki.

Most of the big malls have a front on them like this and then each store has a lighted sign on the front.
They have huge malls there now. That is new since I was there before.

It was so interesting to see that you have to put a coin in the shopping basket to take one.
Good thing is you get the coin back when you are done.
Also strange that the back wheels turn as well as the front.
That is really strange. I kept running into things because I could not control the cart when both sets of wheels would pivot.
The Finns were too clever on that one. BAD IDEA!

It was so strange to see huge food stores just like a Wal-Mart. Finland has really changed that way.

Where there is money there comes competition. Not much but some. This is the main competition for McDonalds in Finland.
I did see one Burger King but I did not see a Wendy's or any of the other fast food chains anywhere in Finland.

Maybe they have these escalators in America but I have not seen them. Every big food multi level store or mall where they had
shopping carts they would have escalators between floors for the wheeled carriages and the shopping carts have breaks on them.

Some one asked me if they had Chinese food in Finland. There you go...... They have everything there now days...

Even Ice Cream stands. They are everywhere. Before they had Ice Cream but it was very very expensive and only sold in
some stores. Now they are like a fast food place and are on every corner. That is very very different from 1965. People
never ate on the street back then. Now with McDonalds and Ice Cream stands you see people eating on the street all the time.

When I was in Finland in 1965 I don't remember seeing any black people. Now they are everywhere. I talked to several of them
an most of them are from Somalia. The Finnish government took 1000's of refugees from Somalia and they live there now. They
have have had a wonderful influence on the Finnish culture because they are a very friendly and outgoing people. They talk in
public and laugh and joke and .... well Finns are a lot more that way now. You actually hear people talking in a restaurant.
Before there was total silence in a any eating place or on a train. The black people are very jovial and talk an laugh and it
seems to have rubbed off on the Finns. That is a very good thing. I made a lot of friends from Somalia. They are a fun people.

On Saturday night the LDS Church had a big cultural event as a part of the temple dedication ceremonies. The temple district
includes Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. So they had cultural dances and costumes from all of those countries
as well as from Finland. I was so far up in the stands it was hard to get a good picture with my little camera but here
is what I got....

(Elder Scott was sitting right in front of me). Made me feel better to know he did not have any better seat than me...ha ha ha..

There were about 4000 people there to the event.

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