Eugene Cordell Vail
Helsinki, Finland Temple Dedication Trip
Day 5 - 21 Oct 2006

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Here is a picture after the Cultural event (Häkkinen's let me ride with them). It is Tuulikki, Riitta with the baby, Hannu with Olivi.

Off we go after the cultural event for home.

In Finland they all have these "BIG WHEEL" baby carriages. Makes it easy to roll along gravel roads, get on the train, or
go up and down those slanted escalators. I don't remember seeing this kind of wheels on baby carriages here. Maybe they have them?

On Sunday, all the English speaking people were asked to go to the LDS Chapel to see the dedication. Only those from Finland temple
district were able to actually be in the temple an event then not all of them got to go in. It was broadcast to several other chapels

This is the LDS church there. in that area where I went to the dedication

I tried to get a picture of this little lady. In Finland a lot of the older women wear boots when it rains. I don't know why
we don't. Too proud I guess. Easier to buy new shoes when they get wet. But you cant see them too well in this picture.

Very typical Finnish houses and house colors.

I guess because they do so much cross county skiing there someone thought of using the poles in the summer time too when they walk.
That way you exercise your arms as well as your legs. Like I say, Finns are very clever and inventive. You see these walking
poles every where people are walking for exercise. Old and young.

I took this picture on Sunday. I was going to take a nap after I got back from the dedication because it was raining really hard.
But then I thought - No - Next Sunday I can sleep all day but I can't walk around Finland and meet people next Sunday. So I put on
my coat and headed out. I just had to take a picture of this man. Then I went over and talked to him. I told him there were only
two places in the world where you would see a man out in the park playing with his son when it was raining cats and dogs. That would be
Helsinki Finland and Seattle Washington. He had a good laugh about that and then we had a fun talk. He has been to Seattle. He
took one of my cards. I hope he will come here now and see this fun picture of him and his son.

Later that day I took the train to the next town an these people I met were very kind and talked to me for a very long time
after we got off the train. I asked them if I could take a picture of the baby carriage because it is INSULATED for below
zero weather. That is so ingenious. Who ever saw a insulated baby carriage in the USA? Wonderful people an they said they
would send me an email when they got home. But have not received it yet.

I hope this girl will not be offended at my putting her picture here. I was very surprised to see women having died their hair
different colors. I never sat what 43 years ago, but maybe they did not do it 43 years ago in America either. Lots of kids
there had purple hair, body piercing and tattoos. I guess it is a part of the Finnish punk culture now.
Lots and lots of died hair, tattoos, and body piercing everywhere
in Helsinki but not hardly at all out side Helsinki in the smaller towns.

This is how many many Finnish women look now (this actually a picture in an advertisement) But I saw lots and lots of women with make up, hair,
and tight clothes like this. That was so different from 40 years ago where I never saw that "AMERICAN LOOK" or "FRENCH LOOK" at
all. Especially not the make up. At least this woman did not die that beautiful flaxen hair!

Because I had a EURAIL pass, I could just ride the trains any time anywhere. So lots of days when I was really tired from
walking too much I would just get on the train and ride. This day I went to Riihimäki and back. This is the Hyvinkää train
station as we passed through. I so love that city. And this train station has not changed one bit in 43 years.

I tried to take pictures of store fronts so you could see what kinds of stores were there but they don't show up very good.
I was amazed at how many eye glasses stores there are in Helsinki. Most of the stores along the streets are clothing stores,
jewelry stores, shoe stores and eye glasses stores. Lots of little corner drug stores too. Lots of eating places too. But to my
surprise, not many food stores. They have all moved to the big malls I guess.
This is a drug store. I did not see any big drug stores like RiteAde or Walgreens. Just little ones like this.
And they don't sell any of the medicines like we have in the USA. No EXCEDRIN, no AIRBORN, no Lycene. I was surprised.

Eye Glasses stores were every where. So many it was surprising. Maybe Finns have unusually bad eyes. Yet you
don't see an unusual number of Finns wearing glasses on the street. I can not explain that.

High Fashion Clothes (lots and lost in Helsinki - not many out in small towns)

Boots Boots Boots ... lots of shoe and boot stores.

Food was pretty reasonable there. $7 to $10 a meal. In Las Vegas you could not get soup for $15.

Finland is very famous for it's glass. Lots and lots of stores that just sold glass in
Helsinki and lots of glass in the stores in little towns too.

This was likely one of the most beautiful sun rises that I have ever seen. It is the harbor in down town Helsinki where
the market is every day. But the camera just did not capture the colors in the sun rise.

In the open air market they sell every thing you can imagine. This girl did not speak English and so we had a really good
talk about religion in Finnish. But she is Orthodox and likes it just fine, But she can't say I didn't ask. She has
my card as the old saying goes. She was really fun to talk to. Here family owns this bakery and they only sell here in the
open air market. It all looked so good it was hard to not buy one of each one to bring home with me.

Lots of vegie's for sale there of course

This is where I took that picture of Pavo Nurmi in 1965 that is the last picture in the 1965 pictures. It has not changed one
speck in 43 years. But I could not find him in the crowd to take his picture again. Well he would only be about 105 now. There is
a chance he might still be running - (He is the world famous Flying Finn runner. Won 5 gold metals)

These African American hair doo's on Finns just slay me. It is really a big fad there. At least in Helsinki. I saw it a lot.
I don't remember seeing that on people in the USA except African Americans. Fad in Finlnad I guess!

More eye glasses stores there than you an shake a stick at. I have no idea why there are so many????

I was so disappointed to not be able to find any Finnish flags flying to take a picture of. I thought they used to be on
every building. I finally found one on the front of a hotel.

Whew I was beginning to think they did not make Finnish sweaters any more. I had one on thinking with the cold weather
it would make me fit right in. WRONG!!! I never saw one person wearing one. ONLY ME!!! It is not AMERICAN LOOKING I guess.

I wanted to find out how much my Seal Skin hat was worth that I bought in Finland 43 years ago. So I went looking for fur stores.

This is the only fur store I found. They sell furs like mink and sable. But they don't sell Seal any more.
Lots and lots of other kinds of fur there however!
Aija the sales clerk let me hold a sable hat.

Then then she took it back. She said I had to pay for it before I put it on.
NO! NO! NO! .... I am only kidding - she really did not say that at all.
She was one of the nicest people that I met in Finland. I stayed there almost an hour talking to her. She told me,
all about Sable furs. They only have Sable in Russia so they buy the furs in Russia, then make the hats and coats in
Finland. When they are created, then they sell them in Finland, Russia and lots of other countries.
The people in Russia prefer the Finnish workmanship because it is so perfect.
I asked how much and she said this type of Sable hat is from 1200 to 1500 Euros (that is about $2000)
and in this store, they were only for women - Oh Darn! I would have taken 2 if they were for men (I'm sure)!
She became a good friend, but not a good enough sales woman to sell me a $2000 hat - maybe next time.

This is inside Helsinki University. They have the most wonderful on line program to teach you Finnish. That is the main
reason I was able to speak Finnish as well as I did. So I wanted to see where it was. I love the feelings inside Universities.

The curator was kind enough to let me use the computer for a few minutes to send my journals home so I would not lose them. YIKES
it is all in Finnish... no matter... The enter key still is the send key... ha ha.

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