Eugene Cordell Vail
Helsinki, Finland Temple Dedication Trip
Day 7 - 23 Oct 2006

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More Finnish glass. These small pieces were about $50 and the big ones $200 to $300.

This is the girl that sold me the glass. We had a really nice conversation and she asked me to send her this picture. So I did
Stockmann's is like Maces in New York. If you bought it at Stockmann's it is the best of the best.

Wow.... Flags every where today. This is what I remember most about Helsinki is all the flags everywhere. But I guess it was
only on holidays. I have no idea what holiday this is. I am just glad it is so I can see the flags again.

I found the 2nd week that I could go to libraries and use the computer 30 minutes at a time for free. That is how I sent
all my journals home every day. This is in them main library #10 by the train station. Huge library too. But the books
are all in Finnish... Mostly any way... Oh darn.

This is the coolest thing. Because everyone has Cell Phones now days.. In the library they have a Cell Phone booth
where you can go to talk on your cell phone and not disturb everyone in the library. As I say, Finns are clever...
Cant be with out that Cell Phone. Heaven forbid we would turn it off. Even in the Library...
The sign is in Finnish, Swedish, and English. Guess they wanted us all to get the message.

I was riding on the train talking to a girl from Somalia. This older gentleman just jumped into our conversation in ENGLISH.
That is so untypical of Finns. Or at least 40 years ago. In the first place I would not have been talking on the train,
and if I were no one would jump into the conversation. I was thrilled. He spoke quite good English. He was a veteran of the
Winter War. I was so thrilled to talk to him. The Winter War is a very famous war in Finland. He had lots of stories to tell.
I gave him my card and he said he would like to stay in touch with me. Very nice man. Speaks 5 languages. But most Finns do.

I tried to take some pictures of the Finnish country side. It is so beautiful there. But out the window going 70 MPH on a
rainy day doesn't do much for the picture. So you will have to look at the pictures in the Meridian Magazine to see the
real beauty of Finland with through the eyes of their Expensive cameras.... See links at end of day 10.

They have Express trains that go very fast (not bullet trains like Japan.. but fast). They don't stop in ever little town.

On Tuesday I went back to my beloved Hyvinkää. I loved being there because it was really my first city where I was
able to start learning the language and meeting people and doing missionary work. This train station has not changed in 40 years.
There are lots more tracks now. There were only 2 sets then. But the station is set in history (and in my mind).

This 2 story blue building is a bank and that is where we held church. They have a chapel there now.

Side of that same bank so you can see it better in the sun....

There was this older gentleman who had a photo shop called "PHOTO-JUHANI". It was still there in 1985 when I went back
but he was in Helsinki that day so I did not get to meet him. Now it has moved again. He has passed away but it is still there
We developed scores of rolls of film at that store 43 years ago. He was a very dear friend to us.

This man did not speak English ... No matter. He is the one who bought out Fhoto-Juhini when he died. He took my card but did
not want any further conversation about religion with me. That was so fun to talk to him and have him be just like Photo-Juhini was.
Very friendly and would do anything for us IF WE JUST DID NOT TALK ABOUT RELIGION ... He is not related. Just bought it. Very nice
man. We talked in Finnish for about 30 or 40 minutes. Notice my ever present dictionary and camera bag on the counter ....

I was so thrilled the first time I saw a "MUMU" on a scooter here in Hyvinkää. You never see that in Helsinki. That is Finland to me.

So I followed he. Had to have this picture. These scooters are soooo cool. And in the winter they have them with runners
on to go in the snow and ice.

It was so fun to see older people riding bikes. That is Finland to me.

Now how could you have a decent country with out RAMEN? Even in Finland. I love Ramen soup!

This is sort of a funny story. When I was a missionary 43 years ago there were a lot of people who heckled us
They would call out "Moooooroooniiii". It use to really make me upset. But it was almost a daily occurrence.
Well I was in this store and there was no one around but this young girl checking people out
and the man in the yellow coat. He was over by the pop when I was being Checked out.
The young clerk was really interested in how I knew Finnish
Then she asked me a lot of questions about the church and the new Helsinki Temple and took one of the brochures about
the temple. I then went over here to the baskets to put my stuff in my back pack and this man in the forefront with the yellow coat
had been waiting in line behind me. As he heard me telling her about the Mormon church he said, "MOOOORMOOONIIIII".
It may seem silly but it was a thrill to me to have him do that. I just had to have a picture of him. He said it
again as he went out the door too. I was laughing so hard. It was actually fun to have some one heckling me again.

I was so excited about it I just had to have a picture of him. I did not know he was in the picture above so I followed him
down the street and when he went into the post office I took a picture of the post office with him in the window
so I could remember him. That was such a fun experience to hear him call out to me..... MORRRRRROOOOOOONNNNNIIIII!!!!
But the joke was on him this time.

This is a very old church in Hyvinkää
I love the Finnish flag flying. It is so beautiful.

I had forgotten that this pointed Lutheran church was in Hyvinkää. I have lots of pictures of it from 1964.
The Lutheran churches have very unique architecture every where you see them. But all the water towers are gone.
Every town used to have a very unique water tower too. I was happy to see this church was still there.

There one of those Cadillac baby carriages again. They are every where.

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